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V4.0 top features 2014-10-06 12:41:40
- Improved title bar with clear overview of the sensors connected - Improved profiles of the connected sensors - When the connection is being made, the activated sensor icons will be blinking - Sensors will be linked to an unique profile - Unwanted sensors will not be picked up anymore - Support of Di2 on ANT+ devices (Di2 Wireless unit required) - The "Where am I" function allows you to display your current GPS location with the coordinates info - Unexpected traffic event can be avoided via the detour button on the map screen - Support of different map schemes - Improved MTB route calculation - Display % of unpaved roads in a Surprise Me route for MTB - Odometer added in history which provides details on your rides whether they are recorded or not - Improved File sharing possibilities. Sending and receiving of a track can be activated manually - Page sliding - allowing to swipe with finger to move to other screen - Improved track navigation - When changing the route settings, the track will be recalculated - Able to select tracks based on the closest distance - Add message in Main menu when device is locked - Improved visibility when following a route over unpaved roads - Only the arrows of the selected route will be visible when navigating to a Surprise Me route - Able to select position on map or enter coordinates for home address - Allow navigation to the centre of a post code - Streets are shown on higher zoom level For Cyclo 500/505 only - Support of bluetooth HR & SAC sensors - Music & Message icon will be available when connected to Phone - Connects your iPhone or Android phone to Mio Cyclo allowing you to view who is calling or reading an SMS - If connected with headset+Microphone (wired or BT) a call can be answered - Allow you to control your music - Allow you to check your playlist (iPhone only) - When you are connected to an Android phone, an SMS can be sent to a contact with the exact location using the "Where am I" function. - Voice instructions can be provided when connected to Android phone and a Bluetooth headset For Cyclo 505 only - Get corresponding resistance when connected to Elite digital Qubo, Tacx Bushido or Tacx Genius during indoor navigation using Surprise Me, navigation A-B or track - Improved ANT+ powermeter supporting Quarq, SRM, Cyclops and Stages Note: For Android phone users, the CycloSmart application is required for your Cyclo device to communicate with your Android phone. The application is available on Google Play.