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CycloAgent Update 2019-03-12 07:24:25
CycloAgent v2.2.38.1 (Windows) or (MAC) - Bug fix; CycloAgent v2.2.29.1 (Windows) or (MAC) - Bug fix; CycloAgent v2.2.21.1 (Windows) or (MAC) - Bug fix; CycloAgent v2.2.13.1 (Windows) or (MAC) - Add “Map Management” feature so users can add and remove country maps from their Cyclo device and free up storage space. * for Mio Cyclo 505/500/315/310/305/300/205/200 CycloAgent v2.1.48 Support Cyclo 605/405/400; CycloAgent v2.1.39 - Support Strava Live Segments; CycloAgent v2.1.36 - Fix Cyclo 100/105 tracks upload issue on MAC OSX 10.11; - Fix device detection issue on MAC OSX 10.11;